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How We Work
The WebStory

About us

WebStory is a high end concept brought to you by exceptional webstory tellers.
Creative minds narrate your enterprise story as never being told before.
IT specialists, creative designers and deeply intellectual authors decorate our production team to your benefit.

Why a website?

Would you trust someone that cannot be found over the internet?

The image of your enterpise and the vision of your business are displayed on the internet targeting to communicate your corporate identity in full extend and directly to all your potential customers.
In a world of photorealistic display, the narrative of your business vision is a formality.
As specialists, with the adequate sensitivity, we fully provide all of it creating a substantial added value for your business.


At WebStory, we specialize in creating web pages that are innovative, inspired and effective. We focus on offering a higher aesthetics to every type of business communication, from the fonts we choose on the palettes to the colors we use. Our creative team works with you to link your brand to your audience through a remarkable design. From corporate identity and presentations to complete web-based advertising, we smear every project with smart design that increases the impact of your business on the market.

Web Design | Development

Webstory implements all web architectures from single static pages to dynamic with support for data handling and collection. From the master design, images importing, application of different types of typography and fonts, animation, page flow and GUI interfaces creation up to form handling for data collection and database interaction. With the use of state-of-the-art software tools we implement tailor-made cloud applications.

We Do Responsive

The idea of responsive web design is to make web pages adaptable to multiple screen sizes. By ensuring consistency of information across all devices, but with a layout and experience suited to each individual screen size, you do your best to support your customers and do not give them any reason to abandon your site halfway through their overall experience.

Check out our latest work

WebStory makes sure to always deliver the best possible solution. Take a moment and browse through our latest work. This portfolio is always growing so please come back soon for more web design.


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